Offering French custom made saddles and tack, CWD is where tradition and innovation meet. The art of fine craftsmanship. CWD is the saddle choice of many top riders like 2008 Olympic Gold medalists McLain Ward and Will Simpson. The company was founded in 1998, and entered the United States market in 2002 with the creation of CWD USA. Free test rides on CWD saddles upon request throughout the United States.

Equine Matrix/ Mushroom Matrix

Mushroom Matrix is the brainchild of health, wellness and integrative medicine enthusiast Sandra Carter, M.A., MPH, Ph.D. and mycologist Steve Farrar. Each of the species used in Mushroom Matrix’s supplements are produced in our Certified 100% Organic San Diego, California facility. They include the full life-cycle of the mushrooms species, capturing nature’s incredible bioactivity in a fascinating growing process. The health benefits of these powerful mushrooms have been revered in Eastern Cultures for thousands of years, Sandra and Steve saw a great opportunity to increase awareness in Western Cultures about the benefits of mushrooms through the development of an innovative line of whole-food organic mushroom powders that can be easily added into your daily lifestyle.

Tucci Riding Boots

Be Unique, customize your ride! The top quality of Tucci’s luxury handmade Italian leather riding boots is undisputed and satisfy the world’s top riders. Riding boots can be customized to suit personal taste and style, and are specifically designed for showjumping, dressage, eventing and leisure riding. With superior, elegant craftsmanship, Tucci’s boots are crafted using only the finest calfskin leather and the most charming English equestrian style touch.

Excel Equine

Excel Equine is one of the few feed manufacturers in the United States that serves the equine industry exclusively. Excel Equine makes premium feed blends only for horses, and to ensure their safety, their feed mill in Louisville, Ky., is free of all medications.


Samshield has been able to create helmets which are specifically adapted to show jumping, dressage, racing, polo and eventing activities in terms of protection and comfort. Samshield’s philosophy is to always propose advanced products in terms of active and passive security, comfort, hygiene, material and finish quality as well as customization. Modern riding demands innovation, Samshield added elegance and distinctiveness.


Thanks to the advanced technology utilized by Thermotex™ Equine Therapy Systems, deep penetrating, relaxing infrared heat is delivered to where it is needed. Thermotex™ increases hemoglobin 25% to 28%, helps relieve muscle soreness, arthritis pain, and back ache. Also, Thermotex™ helps the horse stretch out, prevents washing out, and tying up. Its most common use is for relief of pain and soreness in muscles and joints. Pre-Competition use will dramatically improve performance levels.


Glucosamine sulfate has a proven ability to improve deteriorating joints, strengthen weakened and damaged tendons, and ease arthritic inflammation and pain. Necessary in the production of collagen and the formation of tendon, joint and articular cartilage, glucosamine sulfate also improves synovial fluid production. Glucosamine has been proven to be more easily absorbed than chondroitin sulfates. WinnFlextm includes MSM, which aids oxygen delivery to the body tissues, and also includes yucca, which is known for its anti-inflammatory benefits and for its ability to assist in the body’s production of lubricating fluids.

Blueberry Hill

Blueberry Hill is a custom store, located at all the ‘A’ circuit shows in the Quebec and Ontario regions. The store offers products that have unique and personalized value. Blueberry Hill carries only the best products for both horse and rider. Most of these quality products are from Canadian companies and are proudly made in Canada!
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Ramard’s equine products are used by Olympic Equestrian Teams around the world as well as leading racing trainers and World and National Champions in every breed group. Their products are safe for use in any level of competition and results are noticed very quickly without loading doses or long delays.

Sport Horse Essentials

All natural and chemical free line of grooming products for horses. All of the ingredients included in the Sport Horse Essentials line are natural and 100% pure. Quality ingredients for the top Equine competitor. All products have been developed to comply with the banned substance list for the USEF Federation and suite all competitors from the lower divisions all the way to the Grand Prix competitor.